The Cube Bar

2 Tap Mobile Station with custom branding ability. Unique in that we do not require a direct water connection or electricity! Our most common water station.


Our unique, trendy and convenient mobile water stations provide unlimited guaranteed cold filtered water to consumers at your event, festival or gathering. Two units at 2 taps each are included to split wait lines and ensure constant use. One 10×10 tent is provided for every booking to ensure units are properly covered and chilled. One to two branded The Water Tap ambassadors are present at all times during your event to ensure that water is always flowing (optional). Two prominent 20′ flags are used as messaging to bring consumers in from all areas of your event. For those who do not have their own bottle or container, we sell aluminum or stainless steel options to align with our mission to eliminate single-use plastic waste (optional revenue sharing).

Additional options available including- but are not limited to: sparkling water, cucumber water, lemon water, sparkling cucumber, sparkling lemon, flavoured teas, etc.

This option (one station) is typical in events which have an attendance less than 5k and does not require electricity or a direct water connection.

Branding opportunities at just $150 per unit covers your cost and more for the rental!



Cube Bar Units


Available in 1-4 taps per unit


Fully customizable 3 sided-graphics


Cooler and immersed 50′ stainless steel technology

Green energy

No electricity (CO2 gas or solar)


23” front to sell to sponsors

Overall Dimensions

22” W x 44” H x 24” D


Spotless steel finish – looks identical to real stainless steel but without the smudging

Drip Trays

Polished stainless steel

Flash-Cooling Technology

Immersed 50′ stainless steel coils


Fully customizable 3-sided

Direct Connection Fill

3/4″ connection (garden hose)

Grey Water

1/2″ centralized drainage


90 lbs

Brand this station!

Custom Branding Abilities, Marketing one of our assets can provide numerous benefits for your company. Not only can it help you secure sponsorship for an event or increase the effectiveness of your advertising and event messaging, but it can also make your company stand out and be remembered by attendees.

We can provide:

  • Cube Bar 3M Vinyl Branding (single-use application)
  • Trailer Bar 3M Vinyl Branding (single-use application)
  • 1-4 colour compostable paper cups (low value giveaway)
  • Value re-useable plastic clip-on water bags (high value giveaway)
  • Single or double sided flags (long term high visibility keepsake)
  • 10×10 tents (long term high visibility keepsake)

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